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Hotel Policies

Wild Ginger Hotel – Policies

The Wild Ginger Hotel offers an amazing and unique accommodation experience. However, there are a few hotel facts and policies to be aware of. 

Pet Policy

Currently the hotel is not pet friendly. Guest that are caught with any pet on hotel property will be charged a $250 cleaning fee and asked to leave.

Cancellation and Modification Policy

All cancellations made greater than 5 days from arrival are free of any cancellation fees. Cancellations made 5 days or shorter from the day of arrival are subject to a two night stay cancellation fee. In addition, guest will not be refunded for shortened stays if modification was made 5 days or less from check in . The hotel runs on a very low margin in order to offer the very best prices on the island. These policies are in place to protect the hotel and the value it offers travelers.

Refund Request Due to hotel or room imperfections

The hotel will not refund any portion of your stay due to any room or hotel imperfections. The hotel is historic and was built in 1911. The hotel is not a modern hotel and many of the imperfections are intentionally protected. Some of our windows do show their age but it is the hotel’s policy to preserve them as long as possible.

Hot Water

The hotel has brand new hot water tanks and has plenty of hot water on demand. However, the plumbing is original to the building and hotel water is not always instant. Hot water may takes upwards of 15 minutes to arrive to hotel rooms.The hotel will not refund guest for any issues they may experience with hotel water. Should you want immediate hot water please feel free to utilize our common area shower located in the hotel lobby. The piping in that room is new and hot water is always instantly ready there.

Air conditioning and TV’s

Due to the age of the building, amazing fresh air and the year round perfect weather the hotel does not offer air conditioning in the hotel rooms. The hotel also does not offer TV’s in our rooms to encourage travelers to venture out and explore the island. The aloha is found outside hotel rooms and not within them : )


Many of our hotel staff are young due to the hospital’s training program. Please be kind and friendly. In order to keep cost down management is done remotely and management responses are not instant. Please be patient. Also, incoming calls are usually only picked up during front desk office hours. Front desk office hours are 7:30am to 11:30am and 2pm to 7pm daily.

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